Nollywood Diaspora | 15 May 2016 10:00 CET

Anita Hogan Shares Beautiful Pictures That Brings Nostalgia


How time flies! The nostalgia of seeing former Nollywood actress, Anita Hogan came back strong when we saw some of the stunning pictures she recently posted. Anita left Nigeria to be with her husband in Holland years back. She had shared pictures with her kids after 10years of marriage.

Days back, she spoke about the past during Bimbo Akintola's birthday, she had said “Back in Nigeria, when I was still struggling to climb the ladder of success in Nollywood. I had the privilege of working with some fantastic personalities. Some who have left the acting business to do other businesses for survival sake , some have had early retirement like me, while very few have not lost their relevance at all but instead they have grown stronger in this DOG eat DOG business.

BIMBO AKINTOLA is one of the very few artist who has not lost her relevance at all. And that is because she understands the tricks of the of being a true Thespian. PROFESSIONALISM, RESPECT, HUMILITY AND NOT ENGAGING IN UNHEALTHY COMPETITION are BIMBO's middle names when it comes to answering to the call of her business. “

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