Fanbox | 7 April 2016 14:12 CET

Satan will not only punish you- Toyin Aimakhu Blasts Angry Fan


Nollywood star, Toyin Aimakhu is not going to escape the heat that is still coming from her broken marriage. She has tried to run away but each time, we hear her say that she is still in love in Adeniyi Johnson but cannot go back to him.

That may be your decision but not what some fans are expecting of her. She had fought an angry fan who is really disappointed in her has penned a terrible letter that was full of insults.

The actress whose turbulent love life would probably rival Kim Kardashian has declared in a recent video that she would either remain single or only marry a white man. The fan has fired at her “God will punish you real good. I am cursing you with the love i have for you. Anytime I think of you opening your legs for Seun Egbegbe or whatever his name is. My hatred for you goes farer because you disappoint me in so many ways. Can't believe you will leave a graduate for an agbero all in the name of cheating /money or what? Which I am sure you know the level hypocrite in that stupid industry of yours. In Antar Laniyan's voice, God will punish you because you disappointed many Nigerians”

Toyin must have tried to stomach this but she couldn't and exploded like this “Satan will not only punish you but will make your life blurry like the 5th picture on your page, the oriburuku that you will do it is inside cargo all this it is because of the love I have for you . Omo ale jatijati, see your head like pear...who graduate help? You are a disgrace to men.”

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