Stream Insights | 29 February 2016 14:20 CET

Ibinabo Drops Her Status

Source: Hope Efoghe/

Sometimes one need to give our face some air and also try to do things we have never done before. Though many pretend to do things just to be seen as humble, doing something from one's heart is all that matters.

Ibinabo Feberisima was sighted recently with a makeup free face at creek market in Port-Harcourt. The actress took time to mingle with the market women.

She dropped her status as a celebrity and was seen washing peppers and tomatoes. Many might see it as pretense, but the actress looked like she was having fun.

She posted the photos and this act caused her fan to shower praises on her. This might just be a movie scene or she just wanted to have fun in her spare time.

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