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Smoking is Not Written in The Bible But is It a Sin?…Toyin Aimakhu Inquires

Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, seems to have totally surrender her life to God as she now goes around giving various advises and Bible passages to go along.

The actress, who has been in the news recently over her failed marriage with actor, Adeniyi Johnson and rumoured affair with popular Lagos big boy Seun Egbegbe, is paying deaf ears to things being said about her as she goes about her daily activities with her head high.

Toyin after searching the Bible to know where it written that smoking is a sin decided to ask her pastor who made her understand that the body is a temple of God which needs to be kept holy and with such response, the actress has come out to here the opinion of others on the issue.

In her words, “I just want people to see Christ in me, I don't even care if they know my name as long as they get to know my GOD. Let's talk about smoking, we all know smoking is bad but is it a sin to God?

"I asked my pastor that question I told him I can't find it in the bible and he told me what I need to know so I'm going to share it and I want us to talk about it, smoking is bad for our health and it's a sin because the bible says our body is the temple of the Lord. Let's share our opinion about this please nurses and doctors get in here tell us the disadvantages of it and the health risk.”

Toyin confessed that she use to be a smoker back then but has stopped the act. "Of course I use to but not anymore."

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