Nollywood At Large | 28 November 2015 08:18 CET

I Went into Music Because I was once a Choir Master…Saint Obi

Popular Nollywood actor who has been long absence in the make-believe world, Saint Obi, has continued to leave many marveled after he recently ventured into music with two singles already and a record label to his credit.

The actor turned singer in a recent chat with Punch, explained that though he is not a professional singer, but gave him the drive was the fact that he was once a choir master when he was young.

In his words, “I am not a professional musician but I have passion for music. I used to be a chorister in my church while I was a kid. Despite the fact that people did not see it coming I am glad that I was able to sing.”

Saint Obi noted that though since releasing his songs, he has received various backlash from fans but that will not deter him from improving as the day goes by.

“Some people abused me and made so many negative comments but it does not matter. For me what is important is the message and given the chance I would do it all over again. I know that the social media is a platform that people abuse. I don't make music to make money, it is aimed at helping the less privileged,” he said.

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