Nollywood Exclusive | 21 November 2015 14:00 CET

Actress, Mistura Asunramu-Alao Completes Multi-million Naira movie ‘AYE AJIFA’

Nollywood actress, Mistura Asunramu-Alao, is fast becoming a house hold with her acting prowess and her various movie productions which is gradually filling the shelf of some movie lovers across the country.

The actress, who has produced movies like Omo Tee, Apo Iyako, Fali Olomi, Igba Isoro and Spoilt Brat, is out with another movie titled 'AYE AJIFA' which according to her is going to be a blockbuster when it is released into the movie markets worldwide.

According to her, 'AYE AJIFA' written and Produced by Mistura Asunramu-Alao, directed by Muka Ray and shot in Houston, Texas, USA, is about a greedy person who is not contented with what he has.

'Aye Ajifa' parades the likes of Mistura Asunramu-Alao, Femi Adebayo, Tunde Owokoniran (Tilapia), Tope Osoba, Bose Akinola, Mama Rainbow, Olaitan Akingbile(Olaitan Sugar), Bukola Fagbuyi(Bukky Apesin), Lola Margaret, Seyi Edun, Boy Alinco, Kayode Akinbayo, Buki Dahunsi and Kemisola.

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