Celebrity | 16 November 2015 17:35 CET

My Wife And I Don't Quarrel At All—IK Ogbonna

Those who claimed to be in the know have continued to ring it loud that Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna, has been enjoying his marriage to his Columbian wife, Sonia since they got married in 2015.

Each time the woman is bullied on the social media, the actor is quick to defend his woman, which a lot of people expect him to do as a good husband.

The handsome actor recently revealed that he has never fought with his wife.

“We don't fight, we are like best friends. Most of the time, she puts aside the fact that we are in a relationship, we are very good friends, we go out together, we check out friends together. We do everything that I will probably do with my homeboy,” he told NET in an interview.

IK described his wife as a God-fearing and very intelligent woman, who speaks about 18 different languages.

According to him, “My woman is God-fearing; she is very intelligent, she speaks about 18 languages. She is a fast learner, she is already speaking Igbo. She is someone that believes in positivity, she doesn't allow any form of negativity in our relationship."

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