Couples/Break-ups | 3 October 2015 13:25 CET

My Wives Are Not Beggars, They Work Hard For Their Money …King Sunny Ade

Legendary singer, King Sunny Ade, has disclosed that he does not regret marrying many wives as they all live peacefully but noted that at some point he had the thought but thanked God that there is love between them.

According to him, marrying so many wives is the will of God because he had tried not to have so many women in his life yet they love him more than the way he loved them.

He stated that if it were now he got married to them, he would have concluded that they married him because of his wealth.

In his words, 'I couldn't regret anything. I believe God wanted it that way. I tried my best not to have so many women. They even love me more than I love them. If it were now, I would have said may be they loved me because of money or material things. But that is not so. Now, they don't even care about my wealth, they just treat me as their loved husband.”

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