Headlines | 28 September 2015 21:17 CET

Yemi Alade’s Ward of Dollars Fake or Real?

Since the banning of the regular display of the Naira at events and social gathering by the federal government of Nigeria, people have device various means of spraying cash at events and as such decide to settle for the dollars instead.

In most music videos these days in the country, rather than the artiste using the naira to flaunt and throw on the floor, they now settle for ward of dollars which sometimes are fake, just to make their videos.

Singer, Yemi Alade, recently caused a social media brouhaha after she displayed ward of dollars on the table. For many, it was an issue but for her, she feels many will not understand.

Well, not minding what people will say, the singer had to clear the air that it was for a video shoot of the music 'Headache' by DJ Kentalky featuring Dammy Krane and herself.

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