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Lepacious Bose Warns Nigerian Girls Against Social Media

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

The rate at which our young generations are sticking to social media is getting alarmimg and top comedienne, Lepacious Bose has words for teenage girls, who spend all their time living and posing fake lives on social media

According to her, she has been lamenting about this for so long.

'When I was a teenager every girl my age read novels, in fact it was a competition to know the fastest reader and how many novels you have read.

"We would read on the bus, in the toilet, while eating etc now I meet young girls I NEVER EVER see them reading, they don't even hold novels to show off, or pretend. No! they are on social media, they know who is dating who and who is wearing what. Don't know the name of their governor but they know the name of Kanye West's mum, don't know the capital of katsina state but they know Kim Kardashian's home address even the color of her toilet paint," she lamented in a recent interview.

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