Nollywood Exclusive | 18 September 2015 21:25 CET

Busted: Timaya is a Liar, He Was Never Involved in Any Accident…Eye Witness

Singer, Timaya, seems to be enjoying various scandals that keep trailing his personality as he seems to be enjoying it as they come his way.

Recently, he was allegedly involved in a rape mess with a lady base in US during his tour, which he claimed was base on mutual understanding, now the singer has just been busted after his car was reportedly involved in a fatal accident.

Timaya's Bentley was involved in an auto crash yesterday and the singer while sharing the news with fans claimed that he was involved in the accident but thanked God that no life was lost.

But an eye witness at the scene of the event disgraced the singer accusing him of lying as he was not the one driving the car but his younger brother who was said to be driving on a very high speed.


The eye witness stated that Timaya's brother due to his speed collided with a Toyota pre-runner that was parked and was later rushed to the hospital.

The source claimed she was at the police station when the Bently was towed there along with the damaged Toyota Pre-runner.

"Timaya, it is a big lie you were not the one involved in the accident but your younger brother. I hate it when people lie. Your brother was running so fast yesterday and he hit a Toyota pre-runner that was parked and a guy that he later rushed to the hospital. I was at the police station when this Bentley was towed there alongside the Toyota pre-runner. Thank God no lives was lost yes but you were not involved in the accident stop lying. Prove me otherwise and let me bust your bubbles," the source stated.

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