Nollywood Exclusive | 26 September 2015 15:01 CET

Basketmouth is a Liar...Sean Tizzle

Some weeks back, popular comedian, Basketmouth, had revealed that he has told his management team to blacklist singer, Sean Tizzle, because he had over charged him for a show he had invited him to perform despite helping him out in the past.

The news of this which went viral like wide fire shocked the singer, who recently explained that the comedian never contacted him or his team.

He stated that even if Basketmouth needed him to perform, that he could have called his direct line instead but sad over the fact that the comedian did not call him to settle the issue and went public with it.

According to him, “It is cool that everything is out there. If Basketmouth has any issue with me, I would have expected that he would call me and speak with me. I see Basketmouth as an uncle. If he called anybody from my management team, there should be verification and if he did not like what they told him, he could have called me to inform me.

Nobody contacted us to tell us that they wanted us to be at his show. Even if somebody contacted us, I would have thought that it should be directed towards me personally instead of going through my management team. If it happened, I would have expected that it would be resolved immediately without the news getting out to the public. It is something we could have resolved amicably. We were not contacted to perform at his show,” he told Punch.

He further stressed that despite the whole scene that has played out, both of them are now in good terms as they have decided to move on after the issue was discussed with his manager.

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