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Why Is It That Some Of You Feel I'm Bleaching? Am I A Kid!...Vic O

The Nigerian entertainment industry both Nollywood and acting is really buzzing these days as new talents are being discovered all trying to make a name for themselves and new kid in the bloc, Nigerian rapper Vic O, is gradually attaining stardom in no time.

Vic O, who achieved fame via his curious brand of music, became popular and trended for about two days when he stepped into the diss between two American rappers, Meek Mills and Drake, stating he would release a diss track on them.

Everyone can use every avenue to make a name for themselves it's all about entertaining your fans. Vic O seems to be getting some lashing about his skin and he decided to come clear the air on the wrong perception he feels people are having about his skin.

The rapper stated that he does not bleach his skin and would not come out to lie about it since he is no longer a kid.

In his words, “And why is it that some of you feel I'm bleaching? And if I am, I won't lie because I'm not a kid or I'm afraid of saying it. Because if I was bleaching, I would have said it. Come on, its free world and everyone has the right to do anything. For my fans d truth is I'm not bleaching.”

While granting an interview recently with Planet TV and was being asked how he controls his female fans which form his large fan base, the singer disclosed that he uses protection with them.

“You seem to have a lot of female fans! How have you been able to keep all your female fans under control? Condom."

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