Fashion | 14 August 2015 15:58 CET

I Have Stepped Out to Events Without Wearing Pants…Waje

Jovial singer, Waje, recently took Blanck 100 questions challenge and she got many laughing and wondering on what kind of personality she is as to some things she has done and yet still able to stand out.

Of the many questions asked, the singer confessed that despite once being heart broken by someone she loved, she has also lied to someone she loved so much.

Though not specific about the personality, she stated that one of the hardest thing she has done is to lie to a loved one. “Lied to someone I love”

When it got to the part of fashion to events or relaxation, Waje got everyone laughing after she was asked if she has ever left her house pant-less and she confessed to the crime by affirming that she has done that before.

She said that she has left her home without wearing pants and likewise every other women so it was not just her alone but a peculiar trend. “hahha who hasn't?”

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