Stream Insights | 14 July 2015 14:38 CET

Quran Never Approved Polygamy—Adewale Ayuba

Ace Fuji singer, Adewale Ayuba, has stated that men who end up marrying more than one wife do that on choice, not in accordance with any of the Holy Books.

Ayuba, in an interview with GoldMyne TV, explained that marriage comes with its own blessings, especially when one marries the right person.

“I don't know, but I think when God gives you your own bone, why marry a second wife? Blessings follow marriage. It is not about music but about the person,” he said when asked if he would consider marrying a second wife.

Ayuba also said there is nowhere in the Bible or in the Quran where men were advised to marry more than one wife.

According to him, “If you cannot allow your wife to have two husbands, why do you have to marry two wives? It was not even stipulated that a man must marry two wives in the holy Quran because it has a condition statement 'if'.”

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