Nollywood At Large | 2 November 2008 05:23 CET

'Some director ask for sex to give roles' ...........Racheal Issac

THE name, Racheal Issac may not ring a bell, but she is one of the fast rising actresses in Nollywood. In a chat, she disclosed how difficult it is getting roles, and how some movie directors demand for sex before they assign movie roles. Though she says she has been lucky and disciplined enough to escape the harrassement, she revealed that many young actresses give out their body just because they want to act. 'When people see you as a young actress they will think that you are sleeping with movie directors just because the rest girls are sleeping with them. "When they see that there are other girls who get thier roles because of the director's word, they will think that everybody get role the same way. It is hard for them to believe that not everybody get theirs because they sleep with directors. "It is when you want to do like others or may be agree to what the directors are asking you, this is when sexual harassment will start" she said.

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