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First Public Appearance: Uche Jumbo Spotted With Her Son

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

Mother of the moment, Uche Jumbo, has finally shown her maternal skills as she cradled her son on her shoulders for the first time in public. The actress who wore no make up appeared in a relaxed mood.

The new mother took a sleeping picture of herself and her son and shared it on her social media platform. She had suffered a miscarriage after her marriage to her husband in 2012.

Before the birth of her son, the actress had been treated to a baby shower in Houston, Texas. Celebrities in attendance at the event include Awele Jennifer Hansel and her Husband Austin Hansel, comedian JEDI, saxophonist Shola Iyiola, Nollywood-USA actors Chisom Oz-Lee, Dtymi Ngozi Ibe, Kelechi Eke (Bigobi), Bianka Johnson, Eva Banks, Stanley Chinedu and many more.

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