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Moyo Lawal Returns From ‘Prison’

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One of the sexiest stars in Nollywood, Moyo Lawal, has finally decided to bounce back to social media after her self-imposed 'prison'.

Recall that the hour-glass shaped actress went on a sabbatical from all forms of social media, even from the press as she kept avoiding every proposed interview sessions.

Visibly excited to be back into the social media circle, Moyo stormed Instagram to appreciate her fans, who have missed her, and as well apologized for her absence.

“A year ago, I went on a hiatus from social media because there were too many questions I was beginning to ask myself about my industry, career choices and public perception of my image. Reassurance that entertainment without its fringe benefits will still be my passion was something I needed to confirm in order to know if I still wanted to continue this journey. Need I say mission accomplished.

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“I missed you all so, so, so much and this is a huge apology to the lovers who complained bitterly about my absence. Next time, I will scratch that, no next time, we are in this together. Thank you all so much for your continuous support in whatsoever way it's been shown (lol, yes, even the uncreative cliche petty comments).

“I appreciate you all for giving me this opportunity to live my passion and this short, geeky, bowlegged female is beyond humbled. #moyolawal #passion #entertainment #entertainer,” she captioned a cute picture of hers she shared.

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