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Nigerian Actress, Linjoe Madu, Expose Her HIV Nanny

Source: Titilope Adeuja/

With the spate of kidnapping on the rise in the country, Nigerian mothers have been advised to not only know the details of the house helps that are been brought to them but they should test and confirm their health status.

According to an online site, it was with a stroke of luck and love for her kids, Nollywood actress, Linjoe Madu, discovered that a house help that was brought to her to assist in the care of her kids while on location was HIV/AIDS positive.

The actress shared the message to all loving mothers that they should go the extra length to ensure the safety of the kids.

She penned, 'Happy New Month, Darlings. please one important note for mums! If you are a mum who still employs nannies and house helps, please, please and please always run them HIV and Hepatitis test to know who you are bringing into your home, for the sake of your children.

'I just tested the one they brought for me days back and found out she is HIV positive!!! If you love your life and that of your family, please do not hesitate to test even the one you are already living with.

'Please even if you are not yet a mum, rebroadcast, (as) someone needs it. God bless you all.'

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