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Teju Babyface’s Wife Attacked By Robbers, Loses Valuables (Pictures)

Source: Maryjane Ezeh/

This is not of the best moments for Comedian, Talk Show host and TV producer Teju Babyface and his beautiful wife, Tobi Oyelakin.

Tobi was robbed on her way to the mainland at about last night, Wednesday, April 29, when her car was attacked by hoodlums on Eko Bridge. She was in the car with her driver and 3 other girls in the back seat and were approaching the National Theater area of the Eko bridge when they encountered some traffic.

It was gathered that , they had barely come to a stop when 4 boys leaped out of the shadows and knocked on the windows with torch lights and asked them to roll down the windows. They were still trying to come to terms with rising levels of panic when the hoodlums shattered the rear windows on both sides of the car and proceeded to rough-handle the ladies in the back seat and collect all valuables.

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The hoodlums proceeded with impunity to open all the bags and pour the contents into nylon bags they brought along. This was in the presence of all other motorists on the bridge. The robbery went on for well over 2minutes from start to finish.

When they had finished and disappeared into the shadows and the occupants of the car were able to drive away, they saw policemen further down the bridge on patrol and reported to them that they had been robbed, whereupon the policemen empathized (or sympathized) with them simply by saying 'ah, those boys have started again'.

Luckily no one sustained grave injuries in the attack, but Teju's wife is still trying to deal with the shock of what transpired in 2minutues.

Lamenting on the high level of insecurity in the country, Teju said, "One realizes that this is becoming almost commonplace and acceptable in Lagos as reports reaching us indicate that it happens daily. That may very well be an axiom but I share this with you to bring attention to what threatens to become endemic. A great contretemps I must confess."

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