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Nude Pictures Don't Excite eLDee- Wife Reveals

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They have been together for 17-years but officially man and wife for six years, since then Lanre Dabiri aka eLDee, musician and record label owner and his beautiful wife Dolapo have been living happily ever after.

However, last year the strength of their marriage was tempted by a nude picture story that went viral online and also made headlines on soft sale newspapers and magazines.
But the two love birds who are blessed with two cute daughters were unshaken by the media reports.

Recently Dolapo, revealed how she handled the stories about the nude picture that was allegedly tweeted at her husband by his colleague, she said.

" Celebrities are easy targets for scandals. I know eLDee and a nude picture is not something that would get him excited. If it had been a nude microphone, perhaps I would have been worried."

eLDee also hinted on some of the major causes failure in some celebrity marriages.

" Sometimes people don't understand the simple rules of matrimony. What a man wants the most in a relationship is to be respected, and what a woman wants the most is to be loved. If there is a swing in the balance of those two things, the relationship is unlikely to survive.

Celebrities must leave that persona outside of their home. Either spouse who earns more must honour the love and respect balance if they want their relationship to survive," he advised.

On the secret of their successful marriage, eLDee spoke on behalf of his solid family.

" We have stayed happy by staying true to each other. I married my best friend. We hide nothing from each other. She expresses herself without fear of retribution and so do I. The sacrifices we make for each other are borne out of genuine love and respect, and it helps us work through any difficult situation we encounter."

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