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Only God Will Judge Me and My Former Wife...Zakky Azzay

Former Wife and Zakky Azzay

Former Wife and Zakky Azzay

Nigerian singer, Zakki Azzay's marriage to his former wife, Hadiza Zaaki Azzay, may have ended but the truth about the cause of the breakup is still yet unknown as one cannot really tell who is saying the truth.

Hadiza had accused the touch carrying singer of domestic violence. In an interview she granted Encomium magazine some time ago, Hadiza had alleged that she was pushed out of the marriage so that another woman could come in.

“That is his life. I'm not bothered at all. He pushed me out to take another wife. That is not my problem right now. Zaaki should please, bring back my girl whom he abducted and dumped in Abuja for two years now. That is my own headache,” she said.

Meanwhile, Zakky after keeping silent over the matter has now spoken a bit about it saying he never chased his former wife out but she left on her own will.

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New Wife and Zakky Azzay

He stated that he did everything a man is suppose to do for his family but cannot speak much about it since the case is still pending in court.

“I have been quiet about this matter for a long time. I cannot really say much about it until the outcome of the case is done. But the truth is that she left me, I didn't leave her. I did everything a man is supposed to do for his wife. Only God will judge. Anybody can say anything in the papers, talk is cheap anyway,” he told Punch.

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Former Wife and Zakky Azzay

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