Interviews | 28 March 2015 09:26 CET

AGN Crisis: Emeka Ike Should Contest an Election First...Femi Ogedengbe (Exclusive)

The lingering power crisis currently rocking the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) all thanks to a Federal High Court judgment which kicked against Ibinabo's position as the Guild's president thereby installing actor Emeka Ike as the new President, is still far from over pending an appeal court ruling on the case.

Some of the actors have aired their opinion on the case with some in support of the court ruling while some still wish the current president to still serve as she has been doing well for the guild.

In a stop by chat with actor and producer, Femi Ogedengbe, after a church service, saw the actor expressing his sadness to over the outcome of the court case which tends to an unhealthy support for the growth of the industry.

What is your take on the recent court Judgment between Emeka Ike and AGN President, Ibinabo Fiberesima?

The truth is Emeka Ike is my close friend, I met him in Abuja and I told him my candid opinion and I can also give you a message I sent to him. You see Emeka Ike did not contest any election. Emeka has helped my coming up in the industry because he has put in a word for me with some producers and now the best thing I can do to pay back is to support Emeka ike but I am also Femi Ogedengbe who does not take sides with lies. That is why I felt that Emeka Ike should wait, let there be fresh election and people like us will come and give our support to Emeka Ike.

Emeka Ike is not even the one in court. A young man called St. Maradona Johnson is the one in court and the judgment, i have not seen it but what I heard is that is that they should go back to the status quo. Emeka was at war with Ejike Asiegbu. They brought in Segun arinze, they brought in Ibinabo, he never contested any of these elections. What i am saying is that, my brother my friend, should contest election. I am saying it that i femi Ogedengbe will stand with him. I don't have anything against Ibinabo, I don't have anything against Emeka Ike, every film maker in Nigeria knows Femi Oghedegbe that I love Nollywood so much because Nollywood gave me who I am today so that is why I will do everything to make sure that things are done right and am on the side of the truth.

Does that mean you support Ibinabo to continue?

If you say support, it's like I am taking sides with Ibinabo against Emeka Ike, he is my friend likewise Ibinabo but what I am saying is that let peace reign. When you go to anywhere, all they say is the industry is not settled you guys are not organised, go and organise yourselves before we can give you anything and people keep bringing in one problem or the other and people keep saying the industry is not settled, why don't all the practitioners, the true owners of Nollywood , why don't we come together and channel one course and reach a compromise to move the industry forward that is where I stand

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