Headlines | 17 February 2015 10:30 CET

Nigerians Are Dream Killers—Mode 9

Source: Titilope Adeuja/Nollywoodgists.com

The name Mode 9 is that which most rap music lovers in Nigeria would readily attribute as one of the greats in the industry. Mode 9 is known for his wordplay and lyrics.

Speaking with the Nigerian Tribune newspaper, Mode 9 says he refuses to do the commercial rap style that has now become the order of the day in the industry, stressing that he will remain a hard-core rapper. He said the pressure to become famous will not make him change.

"Today's music is evil, they say, but who made it evil? What I'm trying to say is that my kind of rap, which people used to love sometimes ago, may not be loved today, but that does not change my music. I will continue to do what I love doing and what seems right with me and my fans.

"Let others do 'Shoki' music and make their money, I will also make mine in style," Mode 9 said.

Speaking on the low encouragement he has received for his dreams of traditional rap music, he said, "I released my album 'Alphabetical Order' early 2014 and some people said I was not doing the kind of music that sells. I ask the question; which kind of music sells? The problem is that we don't encourage or support people's dreams in this country."

Mode 9 has won the Lyrics on The Roll award seven times at The Headies Awards organised by the Hiphop World Magazine awards.

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