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Why Nigerian celebrities love wearing my hair --Bisola Iyasara, Nigerian US-based hair specialist

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Bisola Iyasara is a motivational speaker and a high on demand, well known hair specialist consultant in New York and London. She has on her list of clientele; first ladies, politicians, actresses and models all over Africa and the rest of the world. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE, the Chief Executive Officer of Bisola Hair speaks on her foray into the hair business and fashion preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up

THE opportunity to have been born in the Western world is an appreciable one; however, it did not tamper with my family's traditional and cultural values. My success in life is strictly based on my family's orientation of hard work. Not all people with similar opportunity are able to find their footing. It is not the right thinking that success can only be achieved abroad because many successful Nigerians are not based in the Diaspora. I think that with the right focus, hard work and honesty, one can have a breakthrough. My patriotism and allegiance is to my country, Nigeria may have been greatly influenced by my parental configuration. I have been taught from childhood that I am a Nigerian and not Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa. I have associated with all Nigerians on individual merit. I cherish and respect the Yoruba and Igbo colouration of my life.

Source of inspiration to start hair business

I think that faith and providence played parts in my entry into hair products. Then, a good friend of mine, Dupe suffered from severe hair loss, damage hair line and Alopecia. I decided to take a medical hair course in New York, United State, which qualified me as a professional hair specialist consultant. From there, I decided to open up offices in New York and London. And there, Bisola Hair was born. It is amazingly, a collaboration of several factors and challenges that inspired me to go into hair business. I sell the highest grade of hair. Bisola Hair is a very luxury glamorous celebrity hair brand. We use 100 per cent Real Human Virgin/Raw Mongolian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Cambodian, Brazilian, and Filipino hair stock/ custom silk top full lace wigs weft/weave and no glue silk top full lace wigs in UK.

Role models

I look up to Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, these are fantastic, great business ladies. Bisola Hair is a celebrity hair product inspired by Beyonce hair lace wigs and Kim, Khloe Kardashian two tones, ombre, highlights hair are what the Nigerian, UK, New York ladies purchase a lot from Bisola Hair. By reading Bisola Hair testimonies/reviews you will get to see my customers do love my lace wigs and weft.

Combining hair business with public speaking

“Bisola hair” is a highly organised and structured business outfit with special focus on customer care. It will continue to uphold its operational principles while I perform other responsibilities. The “balancing art” has severally been tested and proven to be a success. Above all, my multi-tasked nature lends good hand.

As a former beauty queen, a model, ambassador for skin care products what is your view on nudity and modeling

As a Nigerian, I do not subscribe to posing nude for any reason. I think it is against our core values. Modelling at the professional level should be encouraged. It is basically an expression and exhibition of a designer's creation. It is an important ingredient in fashion industry.

My take on toning, bleaching and cosmetic surgery

I don't have anything against these things; it's every lady's choice to determine what she wants to do with her skin or body. Personally, I cherish and appreciate my natural skin tone and will not alter it.

My favourite look for ladies

I love Victoria Beckham brand, one word. Amazing!

My perception of the fashion industry in Nigeria

I love Nigerian fashion; the colours are always rich and beautiful. Our designers are great and have high sense of creativity.

My favourite Nigerian fashion designers

Bunmi Couture and Adebayo Jones.

On whether I have ever thought of quitting because of challenges

Never! I love challenges because I emerge stronger after each challenge.

How I feel as a foreign-based Nigerian entrepreneur

Just normal, I fit in very well with everyone. There is great understanding in the world today. You are today judged according to the content of your character and that goes to say that as long as you are doing what is right, you will always be respected and appreciated by others.

On crazy fashion signatures like tattoo; sagging and so on

I don't do crazy things. I'm very classy in my approach to life.

Challenges faced when I started

Hair business is a very hard business. Many people out there are selling cheap and fake hair. So I always have to make sure that Bisola Hair is always at its highest grade. Bisola Hair always has to be healthy, clean and fresh, everlasting, bouncy, volume hair.

How I was able to have high profile ladies in Nigeria as clients

Today's' technology has made the world a global community. I communicate with my Nigerian clients with all the available technological means making communication possible and sometimes go a step further by flying down to Nigeria every three months to perfect things. My customers' special custom hair orders are delivered under special fast three day delivery UPS services.

My biggest clients both local and foreign

I have a lot of Nigerian governors' wives and daughters, socialites, Nigerian Nollywood actresses and celebrities buying the Bisola Hair. Bisola Hair is a professional specialist brand. We protect the names of our big clients, as a lot of these ladies do not want people to know their hair secrets that they are wearing Bisola Gorgeous Hair. I can tell you the ladies that have given me permission to use their names in this interview. Senator Florence Ita Giwa, Top business lady owner of Polo Avenue, Jennifer Obayuwana, Nollywood actresses; Ini Edo, Mercy Aigbe, Nkiru Sylvanus, Angela Okorie, and Biola Ige.

My most remarkable experience as hair specialist

As a professional hair consultant, I give the best hair advice on hair problems. I sell the best, highest grade: good natural human virgin dream hair which all my customers love. When they wear Bisola Hair I am told it makes them feel charming, gorgeous and beautiful. And this is my remarkable experience.

How I attract customers

A lot of my customers come from good recommendations and referrals. I engage advertisers, social media network and of course, the marketers in the marketing section of the company.

How I source materials to make high quality human hair

I personally travel to Mongolia, Peru, and Malaysia to source for authentic, original real and raw human hair which has no tangles, no shedding, no knotting, no split ends, no grey hairs. All Bisolas Hair are unprocessed as there are no chemicals at all in them. I have trained hair stylist specialists that custom-make my lovely customers human virgin hair weft/weave, glueless celebrity French lace/Swiss lace, and bleach knots silk top full lace wigs hair to the highest standards.

How I handle cases of ladies suffering from hair loss

A lot of my customers are based in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, London, UK, New York, and Atlanta. I give professional advice on how customers should maintain their hairs. Customers are given a 15 minute free consultation over the phone and are also intimated on the availability of specific and general products. They are also guided through our shop store hair online shopping possibilities and so on. Bisola Hair Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks full lace wigs are good for ladies suffering from Chemophery, Alopecia, and damaged hair line.

Strengths and weaknesses

I am a very positive minded individual. I work very hard, and always aim at 'excellence'.

Naturally, every human being must have some shortcoming however, I think that my strengths have reasonably shadowed my weaknesses.

Philosophy of life

Be focused and be driven.

Coping with advances from men

(Laughs) I think it is only natural that such happens but the responsibility lies on how you conduct yourself as a lady. I am responsible enough not to be distracted from such scenarios.

My first date experience and love life

My first date experience was good. But my love life remains very private to me.

Signature style

My signature is very glamorous. I love nice sophisticated clothing.

Special treat

I go for facials, body wrap contour massage and spa.

Looking good

Wearing Bisola hair is the first step, it's a must-have hair, followed by wearing good clothes, having a good hand bag and the right accessories.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe

I love my Gucci, Chanel and Victoria Beckham items.

Advices for youths who want to do hair business and women generally

The youths of today are tomorrow's leaders. That is why good foresighted persons must invest much on the youth. Invariably, we have to prepare the youths whom entrepreneurial relay baton will be handed over to. I cannot over emphasise on the need to remain focused in any area that one intends to venture into, including the hair industry. There must not be any compromise for hard work. Once these factors are the drive of our young ones, they will surely be greeted by success. Women generally must begin to embrace the reality of the day. The quest for more women participation in every facet of life has become more necessary than ever.

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