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Men Can’t Resist My Lips—Sexy Actress, Princess Toyin Onanuga


My Killing Point Is My Lips—Sexy Actress, Princess Toyin Onanuga
United Kingdom based Nollywood actress, Princess Elizabeth Adetoyin Onanuga popularly known as Princess is currently making waves in both the media and entertainment industry. ?The delectable actress cum movie producer opens up on her career and personal life. Excerpt.

You have been based in the UK for 14 years, why have you decided to relocated back to Nigeria?
I decided to relocate back because Nigeria is my home. I think it is high time for me to check out what is going on in Nigeria in both business and the entertainment industry.

What were you doing in the UK?
I have a beauty shop in Manchester. I am a very hard working lady and very independent too. Thus, I get involved in various businesses besides my beauty shop.

Since you have joined the Nigerian movie industry, what has your experience been like?
I would say it has been good and bad. Good in the sense that I am coping well with the actors and actresses, as well as the producers. All I need to do is to contribute my own quota to the growth of the entertainment industry.

You've featured in more Yoruba movies than English, why?
It is primarily because I am a Yoruba lady and I love their movies. However, it is just a year now that I have been involved in the Yoruba industry, but I have featured in one English movie, titled 'Faith', which has not been released.

Why Acting?
Sincerely, it wasn't my intention to be an actress. My dream was to be a presenter. One of the Nollywood producers is my friend and he advised me to join the movie industry instead. He said that will boost my popularity and that afterwards, I can fulfil my dream of being a presenter.

Movies shot so far?
I have shot over 10 movies and produced two movies.
Movie that shot you into limelight?
It was 'Shoprite'. So many people commended the movie even abroad.

What inspired your movie 3 Divas?
I just want viewers to learn from the movie how lies can kill. How arrogance can destroy and the repercussions of being an armed robber. It is a movie that enlightened those people living within their means.

When will the movie be released?
It should be released hopefully this year, by April.

What is Green Divas all about?
Green Divas is a tourist and charity group. It involves travelling from one state to another to put a smile on the faces of the less privileged. I'm actually the president of the group and we are planning a big party very soon to raise awareness about the group and less privileged.

Which do you prefer most, living in the UK or Nigeria, and why?
I don't have a preference because both living in the UK and Nigeria are okay for me. I am cool with the two places.

Your plan for 2015?
My 2015 plan is to grow more and more positively in every area of my life. I am now the Executive director of Sahara Weekly Magazine.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?
For fun, I treat myself to a spa. I also love watching movies at the cinema.

Your greatest asset?
It's my lips and my eyes. Men can't resist it. Maybe because I am very flashy.

Culled from Sahara Weekly Magazine.

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