Press Release | 28 December 2014 12:06 CET



Since the inception of Nigeria, the physically challenged people have not benefitted from the Nigeria Government at the Federal, State and Local levels. We are being treated as non-humans and given less attention even to the extent of paying for education, medical services and other social amenities.

So many physically challenged people who are not born with the silver spoon are languishing in abject poverty to the extent that most of us die at young ages before forty (40) years of age.
The bad treatment of the physically challenged is not a good thing as God Almighty detests it. We will implore the Federal Government of Nigeria and other government agencies to have a brief look at how the physically challenged people are being treated in Europe and American without discrimination and God has been blessing them abundantly.

The bill for the physically challenged people have been sent to the National Assembly and it has not been passed over a long time since 2003. We request the immediate pass of the bill if the government do not want the of God to fall on them.

The physically challenged people have always voted but it is a pity that our votes are just like fetching water into a basket as it has no positive effect on us.

We want to thanks the Lagos State Government for the creation of the office of the physically challenged but we have not seen the impact of this office yet.

We want to thanks the religious groups such as the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Catholic Church, Ahmadiya, Ansar-ur-deen society amongst others who have been of great help to the physically challenged people with generous support.

The level of corruption in the country is unbearable to the extent of cheating even the physically challenged. This type of scenario happened to one of us (Mr. Kehinde Oshilaja) when the Lagos State Ministry of Health recommended that he should be given money for rehabilitation on the 14th of August, 2007. He was directed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports before being directed to the Office of the Chief of Staff where he was not attended to properly and till now, he has not been given a dime. It is sure that the money is between the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Office of the Chief of Staff. I will like if this can be investigated so I can get the money as soon as possible.


• There should be census for the physically challenged at each local government in the country so as to know our population and make provisions for the physically challenged people.
• All states should the ministry for the physically challenged people including the Federal Government.
• Recommendations made at the CONFAB 2014 on physically challenged should be put in place as soon as possible.
• There should be free provision of social amenities such as free education, free medical service, etc.
• There should be a basic salary of at least N10,000 for all physically challenged people monthly.
• INEC should make provision for the physically challenged with Leprosy and those without hands to vote.
• Nigerian should not vote for political parties but individual qualities of their candidate.
We, the physically challenged people have a special polling booth (Unit 20, Unit 21 Ward I Okobaba Mainland Local Government) in Lagos Mainland Local Government and we will ask question with our votes.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kehinde Oshinlaja the Bland Miss Mary Ojo
Coordinator Publicity Secretary
For the Physically Challenged

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