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BBA: A Blessing or Curse To African Youths?

Source: Zaccheaus Ukhueleigbe/

Television has been an audiovisual medium used to disseminate information to the public. Asides performing that function, it has also been an avenue to educate and entertain viewers.

No doubt, the youths have been influenced through television programmes either positively or otherwise. Because of its vital functions, many expect programmes being aired on the platform to teach morals.

Television, in the last decade, has played host to several programmes that have made many to ask questions. One of such programmes that have flooded the television screens are reality shows, which have come in various forms.

However, eyebrows have been raised as regards their contents and one of such is the Big Brother Africa, which unarguably is Africa's biggest.

The programme has been criticised since its inception some years ago. However, the show has made some of its contestants stars, who now earn big in the entertainment industry. Winner of the present edition is expected to walk away with $300,000.

What has made the show to be heavily criticised is the n8dity and this has made many to ask what moral lesson the BBA teaches the African youths, which the African culture frowns at.

Do you think the BBA has positively impacted on the African youths with the huge amount being placed on the show as star prize?© 2014

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