Nollywood Media | 7 November 2014 15:59 CET

Spirituality Has Become Commercial, Your relationship with God is personal…….Actress, Jennefer Eliogu

Nollywood actress, cum singer, Jennifer Eliogu, has revealed that her choice of career into music is not to sing and impress anybody but to live a dream and exhibit her passion for music, adding that her song does not need to be loved by everyone.

Jennifer explained that she started doing live performances before she started recording songs and has great passion for live performances. She noted that when she goes to the studio, she prefers to record with her voice, without auto tune, which enables her to play the same way I sing in the studio on stage.

Revealing her closeness with God in reference to her movie roles, the actress stated that her relationship with God is sacred and it is not a must that she dresses head down before people will know that she truly serves God. “Spirituality has become commercial. I'm spiritual so do I have to write it on my forehead? Your relationship with God is personal. God knows the real me. He knows my heart.”

She disclosed that she does not act over-bored roles and if she has to interpret a role by kissing in the movie, she will do it because it is what she has chosen to do and if God does not support it, she will not be excelling in it. “. I don't see anything as impossibility, but there are rules I have laid down for myself and I say, this line I will not cross. Not for money, not for fame, not for anything in the world.”

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