Nollywood Media | 5 November 2014 22:24 CET

Ponder On These Ladies; What's Your Take?

Source: Bamidele Adeyemi/

Can I have all attention here please? Let's quickly rub minds together over some of the pictures my camera lens captured few days ago. This has nothing to do with character, manners or attitude, but strictly about appearance.

There is this popular saying that; 'you will be address the way you are dressed'. It has been proven that lots of Nigerian ladies find it difficult to get men propose marriage to them.

I think the first question should be; how do they appear in public places? To be candid, no man would spot a half nak3d lady and sketch a worthy thought towards her, it is simple as that.

However, checking out the concern from these two pictures we have here, they both cuff same pose, stunning smiles and outfits. If you are comment on their dresses, what would say? Peace out.

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