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Colette Orji Analyses Different Types Of Men

Best known as Nollywood's queen of epic movies, Colette Orji, says she cannot tolerate men who are poor in reasoning, who would not wish a woman to grow in life.

Colette explained that some men are so lazy that at the end, the relationship suffers and they are never satisfied with one woman.

“I will never condone laziness. Some men are lazy. This brings about all the many ill-health most relationships suffer. They want to watch movies, comedies, create daily jokes as well as keep watching the many jokes everywhere. Reading gossips online every day and looking for who to chat with.

“They don't even understand why a woman needs to work. These are the men who have refused to be educated in life by life. They live by traditions and don't believe anything is true because of their own set minds,” she expressed.

She further disclosed that, “Then there are men who don't know how to say 'no' to any pretty face in a skirt. We can't even elaborate on these types because they are so disgusting. They are full of lies, deceits and they have no respect for their own body, they treat it with open ridicule and disdain.”

“And there are the ungodly men, so ungodly and uncivilized that anything goes. Just anything, anyhow, anyway. No laid down principles, no purpose, no vision, no sense. These types, hit their wives, kids, parents, women on the streets, fight to die/kill at any moment. Then guys who don't make any attempt to look clean enough. That's not a good thing” she stated.

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