Celebrity | 8 June 2008 12:56 CET


Muma Gee may not be the best dresser in town, but there is no way you would see her and not notice her on account of her dressing. The Kade crooner is daring and bold, and she goes all out to wear designs that are eye-popping.

Her latest identity is her love for long flowing dresses and shawls.

These days, she even attends events with 'bride's maids' who help her carry the 'veil'.

But she was not with her 'maids' at a recent event and her dress nearly messed her up.

As usual, she was looking deft in her denim cropped pants and ankara top. For the razzmatazz and effizi, her outfit had a long flowing sash.

Unfortunately, a spoilsport mistakenly stepped on the sash and Muma nearly fell. But luck was on her side as the person beside her quickly held her before she could crash.

But busybodies were not too happy that Muma survived what would have been an embarrassing moment. Life and Beat overheard some of them saying, 'e don too much for this babe sef. It serves her right. She should have fallen down so that next time, she wouldn't think of wearing this her thing.”

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