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One of Nigerian Nollywood artistes Vivacious Benita Nzeribe, speaks on her passion for fashion with Kehinde Falode.

Style to me

Means whatever is convenient, comfortable and it gets to go with the occasion anyway.

My Personal style

I am not a vogue person; like I just said anything that makes me comfortable, though it has to comply with the occasion. And the dress must suit my physique. It doesn't have to be really in vogue but it had to flatter my figure. For instance, I love high heel shoes but when it is extra high heels that is not for me, because extra high heels will definitely not be comfortable; and if it is not comfortable I won't go for it. I can't manage.

Fashion accessories I can't do without

I am an accessory person, earrings, necklaces, bag etc; I love them all as in expensive ones. I wouldn't say I can't do without them but they are things that every girl wants

Favourie colour

Brown, gold and black

What charm you about these colours?

I love gold a lot and all shades of brown, and black too because it flatters my skin colour, because I am on the light side.

Where I shop for clothes

Here in Nigeria. I shop most of the time at the Wardrobe on Toyin Street, Ikeja because she has quality and good stuff, and I shop in any good shop abroad

On label

I am not a freak for anything, not even labels. Really every girl love label, I love label but I am not crazy about it. There are some dresses that are made from very good quality fabrics but not with big [popular] names. In nutshell I love good things

Nigeria favourite fabric

What else if not Ankara [laughs?]

Why is this so

You can do a lot of things with Ankara, it can go for anything, it all depends all the way you handles it. It can also be use to sew all manners of western style.

Crucial beauty routine

I visit the spa once in a month, to do facials, body massage. Some people go to spa twice in a month, but once is okay by me, I also take a lots of fruits and drink a lot of water. and I make sure I use my skin oil [moisturizer]

My most expensive fashion item

I have to think... it is a wrist watch, diamond wrist watch, diamond stone anyway

Courtesy of your lover…

Don't even go there; we are talking about fashion now! It could as well be from any of my family member

Words that describes me

I am shy, respectful, humble, the word caring and emotional, that is me

What these words says about me

Those words say I am an African woman, I am caring and I am real, that is all. Actually I can adapt and fill into...

Dress determinant

The function, if it is a wedding, I will go for traditional and if it is a party or an award event, it will be totally different, And again my comforts is very important, I like to be stylish but I have to be comfortable in what i am wearing at all time

Fashion item I can't be caught with

I wouldn't be caught in my bed suit, I can't be caught almost stake!

Other source of income

I am into interior decoration

Embarrassing moment

I wouldn't say I have been embarrassed but I have been shocked once...

What happened?

It was at the Airport, we were about boarding the plane when a man that had his handful, his bag fell and the content littered the whole place. So I bent down and helped him to pick and pack his stuff, we boarded the plane, along the line he busted into tears and said you are so nice and humble, we shouldn't be believing what we see on TV. I was shocked, tears from a man! What can I say? I thank God that I can affect peoples life.

My mentors in the industry

Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva, Liz Benson, RMD and Ramsey Nouah, and outside the industry Angelina Jolie- I like her gut, she can blend into anything, Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz,

Favourite Nigerian fashion designer

I maybe wrong and I maybe right, Dakova, he is very good

My skin secret

I am into moisturizing, I take fruit and I drink a lot of water, fruit is the last thing I eat before going to bed


Most of the time I eat fruit before going to bed but not all night and just before I sleep and whenever I woke up in the middle of the night, I drink water, that is just me.

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