Celebrity | 29 February 2008 17:06 CET


By By Nonye Iwuagwu

Azadus, the musician, has finally put his longsuffering but pretty girlfriend, Oluwaseun, in the family way. The only problem is that the musician is yet to take Olwaseun to the altar.

When contacted by Life and Beat, Azadu said he was set to do the right thing.

“Just relax. We are going to be married soon. She is pregnant, I know. I am all set to walk down the aisle with her,” he said.

The expectant father and Oluwaseun have been living together for some years now. Showbiz buffs are saying that Azadus will dump her like his last girl, but the Say Me Well crooner says Oluwaseun is the love of his life.

Azadus, who left Kennis Music a while back, hasn't done anything big since then. Although his first album was a huge success, he has not been able to release another album since that effort.

But the musician told Life and Beat that he was set to storm the industry again.

“I am coming out with a bang. I have an album titled Unmasked. Just cool down; you are going to see Azadus in a new dimension.”

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