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Deeper Life Suspends Pastor Kumuyi’s son and his newly wedded wife


The leadership of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry has suspended the son of the General Superintendent of the church and his wife, John and Love Kumuyi from carrying out any activity in the church over their recent controversial wedding in Jamaica.

John and Love wedded in Jamaica on 15 June, 2013 and thousands of members of the church have reacted sharply while condemning the wedding gown worn by the wife and other aspects of the wedding that were at variance with the church's standard.

She was decked in attires quite different from the acceptable standard set for Deeper Life members by the church.

Love was arrayed in flowing gown with a veil to match, while lots of people said her hair wasn't natural and that she applied lipstick as part of the make-up.

Also at issue was the hiring of a Limousine which conveyed the couple to their destination after the wedding. And a huge cake was cut during the wedding contrary to the church's tradition.

Due to the myriad of controversies generated by the wedding on social media, Facebook, especially by members of Deeper Life, the church decided to place the couple on suspension to give them time to pray and seek forgiveness from God for their action.

On Saturday, at Deeper Life's monthly miracle and revival programme held at the Deeper Life Conference Centre, DLCC, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, John and Love's suspension from church work was announced to the over 50,000 Deeper Life faithful at the event by Pastor Philip Oluwi, a key leader in the church.

Oluwi, certainly is acting on the instruction from the General Superintendent of the church, Pastor William Kumuyi, to suspend the couple for the embarrassment they brought upon the church during the wedding, emphasizing that the standard of Deeper Life regarding wedding and moderacy had not changed.

“The church, Deeper Life, remains committed to the biblical practice and standard of almost 40 years Christian dressing and still remains and does not compromise on biblical Christian dressing.

“Hence, deviation warrants the displeasure and frown of God and the leadership of the church. John and Love are now under discipline,” Oluwi announced to the entire congregation, an action that helped to calm the nerves of many Deeper Life faithful.

Also, the couple has apologised to the church for the embarrassing way the wedding was conducted. The letter was read by Oluwi and re-read severally to church members by the Church's Secretary, Pastor Jerry Asemota.

The letter addressed to the Church Secretary, with the heading: “Letter of Apology,” expressed the deepest regret of the couple for bringing the church into disrepute.

The letter reads: “We unreservedly and wholeheartedly state that we did not intend and do not intend that our act or omissions in any way undermine the great work that God has done through the Deeper Christian Life Ministry through our father in the Lord, the General Superintendent.

“We also use this medium to profusely and sincerely apologise to the General Superintendent (Kumuyi) of the church for the embarrassment and heartache our action has caused him; more so as he had earlier declined to be at the event. We acknowledge that we may have benn distracted by cultural differences as we both have lived outside Nigeria for nearly two decades.”

The letter added: “This notwithstanding, we fully accept that having been nurtured, taught and brought up with the sound teaching of the word of God, we should have been able to draw the line which we failed to do. We have now realised the far reaching effect of our actions and omissions and do plead with the church for forgiveness and also appeal that any action that should be taken be directed at John and Love, as we take this time to prayerfully reflect on our actions.

“We take full responsibility for what has happened and this action should in no way be blamed on the General Superintendent or the leaders of the church in Nigeria, United States, Jamaica, or United Kingdom and beyond.”

However, P.M.NEWS investigation revealed that John and Love's wedding was not conducted in a Deeper Life Bible Church. It was also not conducted by pastors from the church as Deeper Life Bible Church in Jamaica has not been licensed by the country's government to join couples in wedlock, according to the laws of Jamaica.

The wedding was taken to another church where the ministers in the unnamed church conducted the wedding and joined them in holy matrimony.

Besides, Deeper Life leaders that came from Nigeria were said to have disapproved of the earlier gown Love was to wear for the wedding, while another was hurriedly sewed the night before the wedding.

Church leaders were said not to have seen the new dress until the couple was marching into the church and by then, it was too late to take any action as the wedding was not conducted in a Deeper Life church.]

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