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Why Struggling Ghanaian Movie Stars Are Producing Their Own Movies

Source: Mustapha Ayinde/ can confirm that, the rate at which Ghanaian film producers used to shoot English films some months back has fallen. In about a period of three months, our camera lenses have captured only six (6) producers shooting within three (3) months, unlike some years back when 20 or 30 movies were shot in a month.

One may say the low turn up in shooting has also contributed to the fact that the few producers that are currently on location are not employing the services of the actors, who have started shooting their own movies.

Van Vicker one of the most popular actors who took a French leave from the industry and came back amidst a stiff competition to the extent that majority of the film producers also couldn't meet his demands. He went extinct on the Ghanaian movie scene and has now entered into production so he can produce and star in his own movies.

Yvonne Nelson's fame started drowning when FIPAG put a ban on her for a purported misbehavior to a movie producer and afterwards, other movie producers have still sworn not to work with her. This could be the reason why she is also going into movie production to save her career.

In a private chat with one veteran Ghanaian movie marketer, he added to our research that all this list of actors given above might not be seen shooting their own movies in a few months to come because their movies are still not doing well in the market.

They are not making any changes like fans felt they will bring to the industry in terms of sales, “One bad news for them is that, any movie star who has turned himself or herself as a producer is not likely to get roles from producers because they are being classified as producers and not actors any more' the marketer lamented is still monitoring the scene and very soon, we will inform our readers about the latest development, sales of their movies and guess who the new actor to turn producer will be. For now we can mention names like Van Vicker, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro.

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