Film/TV Workshop | 17 June 2012 04:20 CET

New Nollywood movie “Iji Oba” features President Obama

By Bola Dauda

Is this what Nollywood seeks to present to the rest of the world? In times of advancing scripts, production and improved video quality, should low level production houses who only aspire to market their movies with less intent for quality productions be made to thrive?

Whereas the mega household names in Nollywood have raised the bar and set new standards, a new production house with little to no knowledge of movie production has also entered the scene. And in a quest for instant success with the market, the purportedly feature President Barack Obama as part of the cast for the movie?

Really? When did they manage to get him leave the enormous day to day activities he has to contend with to shoot his scenes for the movie? We rest our comments on this.

What do you think? Does it help entrench or sub-standardize Nollywood with this kind of ambush ploys?

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