Music News | 15 June 2012 11:21 CET

Popular Nigerian Musician Deported From UK Over Fraud

By Bola Dauda

Lagos based producer/musician, Samklef was first reported in the media to have lied to immigration officials that he was visiting the UK for vacation but they later found out that the fast-rising artiste was actually in the country for a show without work permit, hence he was sent back at the Heathrow Airport.

Our source indicated that fraudulent activity was the crux of the matter. Samklef was contacted by a promotion company the UK for a show and was 'settled' as agreed but the guy never showed up and did not give them any reasonable excuse.

Consequently, the company dropped his name with the immigration for fraud. Unfortunately for Samklef, 26, he tried to play smart by travelling to the same UK with the Visa issued to him be the company that reported him for fraud. As expected, as soon as he got to the Heathrow Airport he was sent back home.

However, sources say Samklef is now trying hard to sort out his issues with the company in question so as to redeem his image.

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