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My Wife Wants Me To Go Down There With My Tongue**Threatens Divorce If Not Done--Anonymous


Thanks for attending to our story yesterday about a medical doctor that needed help.
I Am A Medical Doctor Aged 30, Vi*gin, I Bed Wet, Please Help

We also got this mail yesterday from one of our readers who also needs help from our esteemed forumites.

Below is the mail. Please kindly advice and stay away from using any abusive words on the sender or any member of the forumites. Thanks and God bless. Amen.

"I am newly married but each time I and my wife makes love, she always wants me to go down there with my tongue.

I kept giving excuses but now, it makes me feel [bad] and I am beginning to notice it. She is no longer having that s*x drive with me. I love her so much because I competed with a lot of  men before I could get her to  marry me.

I don't want to go through divorce as she has threatened me with that but i know she will be serious one day with the threat, sighting different thing as the reason then divorce me.

Is there any medical implication when one does that as she may continue to demand that. I am naive please advice."

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I Am A Medical Doctor Aged 30, Vi*gin, I Bed Wet, Please Help

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