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By Osagie Alonge

Ever since the famous interview, Jazzy has kept mute, refusing to grant interviews, and tweeting only thrice since then. But now the silence has been broken, albeit briefly, and the Don has spoken…

In a very short but exclusive interview via Blackberry Messenger on April 22, Don Jazzy answers some very important questions and leaves many unanswered.

Did you leak the Mo'hits email?


Did you ask D'banj that you want to 'scatter' Mo'hits?


Have you signed any document relinquishing your shares in Koko holding, and giving D'banj his catalogue?


When was the last time you saw D'banj?

Not quite long

Will you still produce music for him, if he asks or not?


Why did you have to get a new apartment?


Was D'banj ever told about the concluding part of the Samsung deal?

Why all these questions?

Bros, it's a tough interview but it's what our readers (and your fans) want to know.


Okay. Have you been producing music during the last few months? And who have you been working with in the studio?


Dr SID and Wande Coal have continually shown their love and bond for you over everyone else; how do you feel about their respect for you?

I respect them also cos they are like my brothers

Will you start a fresh label in the nearest future or stick with the name Mo'Hits?


The producer vehemently refused to have a sit down with us, despite repeated requests (his response to an interview request via email: 'I'm so sorry but I am definitely not open for interviews for now. Doubt I would be ready for one anytime soon too. Pls I would appreciate if you can understand..).

Those close to him say he's 'not really interested in saying anything'. One associate told us last week that the producer has been busy working, and may be blessing fans with new songs soon.

But the industry is getting tired of the drama. Not only tired – many are hoping the estranged friends (and the camps around them) will actually settle their differences and come back together.

Long-time D'Banj and Don Jazzy associate Weird MC's submission captures it all : 'I still have hope that they will kiss and make up. I strongly feel that way', she told us in an interview last Wednesday.

It is possible.

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