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This is the sad and unfortunate news about what probably used to be the most envied relationship in Nollywood,that is the union between popular Yoruba movie actress,Doris Simeon and her movie director husband,Daniel Ademinokan.

Tales about their troubled marriage in the last 2 weeks have become subjects of discussion among several of their colleagues and the crux of gist about them is that the couple have technically separated,as both of them now live apart.

According to findings,Daniel and Doris have been having issues with their marriage,and for several months,have been patching up and carrying on as if all was well.

Daniel,according to sources close to him,has obviously had enough of putting up with Doris.

According to findings,he had always taken care of their baby,David,while Doris because of her busy schedule,hardly has time to take care of the 2-year old boy.

Those close to Daniel also claim Doris has not really been in the good books of her in-laws.

They claim she failed to Visit Daniel's dad when he was sick and hospitalized last year despite instructions by her husband that she should find time to visit the old man,as he (Daniel) was away from Lagos to direct a movie.

Sources revealed that Doris did not visit the dying old man in the hospital till he died,claiming her busy schedule prevented her from visiting her ailing father-in-law.

There are also strong indications that Daniel was not aware of his wife's plans to set up a shop in Lagos where she sells household wares,which he alleged distracted Doris the more from paying attention to the home.

Aside these reasons,those close to Daniel claim he is responsible for the trouble in the marriage,as there are unconfirmed rumours that Daniel and daring Nollywood actress,Tonto Dikeh are enjoying a sizzling romance which they have succeeded in keeping away from their colleagues and the prying eyes of the media.

A source close to Doris claimed Tonto Dikeh was practically instrumental to Daniel's initial constant trip to the federal capital,Abuja.It is believed that Tonto and Daniel met on the set,while he was directing the movie of another actress,Rukky Sanda in Abuja.

Once the 2 began seeing each other,news reached Doris in Lagos and she confronted her handsome husband with the allegations.This allegedly resulted in heated argument between the 2 of them.

Though unconfirmed,it seems that was about the last time that Daniel and Doris stayed together under the same roof.

Our source informed that the Abuja house that Daniel moved to has served as a love nest for the movie director and Tonto Dikeh for several months.

Interestingly,while the news of the troubled marriage filtered the air,Tonto has denied having any affair with Daniel and dissociated herself from the ugly story of the breakup in the marriage of the young couple,who a lot of people never imagined will go their separate ways,going by their lovey dovey lifestyle when the going was good.

Tonto has been telling whoever cares to listen that she has been busy in Owerri,Asaba and Enugu since January and declared that at no time has she been in and out of Abuja this year.

She further said that Daniel is not a friend of hers in any way,not intending any disrespect,as they have only met once on the set of her very good friend,Rukky Sanda,where she claimed she went to,to morally support Rukky.

In reaction to the story, pretty Doris Simeon debunked the rumoured crack in her marriage, insisting it was a figment of the peddlers' imagination, a distraction and a product of idle minds.

She said : “It is all lies and baseless rumour; it is far from the truth”, she maintained.

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