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I finally managed to watch the infamous Blackberry Babes Movie. I hope the producer got some money from blacberry. That was some massive advertising there.

Did Oge Okyo actually say let me find you a few cash? A few cash?

The entire movie was full of these heavily made up girls, dressed in the most atrocious clothes destroying the English language. This mighy just earn us another 50+ years of re-colonization to learn proper English.

I am still swooning from Tonto Dike "Blackbery corf and 4 year internet ""sustription". Are we safe? And since when did "don't you dare" become "don't you ther"
Mary remy, stop trying to polish your wrods. which one is thiere?

Who costumed this movie? Tonto Dike wore a cocktail dress to college lectures?

It seems the revolution sweeping through the film industry where many actors are refusing to to this chewing gum movies has not caught up with Tonto and Oge and co.

Chigozie Atuanya howver gave me a good dose of laughter with his expert performance. He kept me watching the movie.

Come help me see Tonto Dike showing off her curlers.

I think our actors need to read more and watch some good strong artistic films. they also need to speak to people who have a better command on the English language. Are script supervisors not on these sets to call the attention of the director to such atrocious forms of language abuse?

Well, please don't forget your monthly "sustription"

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