Nollywood Affairs | 13 May 2011 07:57 CET

I Will Take Ghana By Storm, Says Wura Adesegha

By Bayo Adetu

Fast-rising Nigerian actress, Wura Adesegha, has said that one her priorities as a thespian is to take the fast-growing Ghana movie industry by storm.

Wura, who has already carved a niche for herself as one of the scandal-free actresses in Nigeria, said not even the semi-nude roles that is synonymous with Ghanaian movies can scare her from taking her professional career to the international scene.

The English graduate of Lagos State University stated that “it's like a job well done, kudos to the Ghanaians. I love their job and I look forward to working with them, but I want to take them by storm.”

Asked if working with Ghanaian thespians would not have any adverse effect on her, she swiftly said “there is no negative effect. There is are signs on movies that indicate such should only be seen by people aged 18 years and above, so that solves the problem.”

On her plans for marriage, she said “having a man to one's self is another job entirely. You have to search, open your eyes and pray. It's not something you say okay, I love him, while what you have for him is lust. Some will be in love at the beginning but later as the years roll by, the love is gone. So, that is why I'm taking my time. I am not searching and I am still searching all the same, but basically, if I have to settle down, definitely, it's not this year.”

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