Touch Of Thoughts | 7 May 2011 12:34 CET

Between women and men, who is more sexually active?

By Vivian Onyebukwa, Rachael Agunta and Tony Obi


Sex is any act of touching intimately with stimulation giving excitement to a partner, male or female. Saturday Sun went round to find out who enjoys sex more between men and women.

Nwankwo Anayochukwu
Being sexually active cannot be a special attribute to men or women. It all depends on individual, and some certain psychological factors. In many occasions, men are more sexually active than women and vice versa.

Debbie Ditan
There is no how you would dictate the emotion of a man. They enjoy sex any time, anyday. It is not always so with the women. The women can do without sex. Sometimes, women do it because of fun but the men can't do without it.

Grace Mohammed
I don't want to say anything because I do not know who enjoys it more.

Joy Onyekwe
I think that the men enjoy it more, but if you are in love with someone, your emotions and what you feel for him or her would always make you to enjoy it.

Salami Abolore
I have not done that before. I am still a virgin but I know that both enjoy it equally.

Dotun (Italian)
I know the women enjoy it more but I cannot really tell how. However, I know that the women do it more than the men.

Udo Mbgoji
Women are more sexually active than men. My reason is that women can not hold their sexuality as long as men do. That is why you see them (women) in brothels trading their sexual part for men to patronise. But that is not the same with men because you can never find a place where men hawk theirs.

Henry Igbomaobi
I believe and know that women are more sexually active than men, but I can not tell how.

Godwin Jerry
When a woman needs attention sexually, she cannot control herself for as long as one month, but men can hold on for more than a year. Also, women's thoughts are always centred on sex. So, in my own opinion, women are more sexually active than men.

Cheta Eze
It's a two-way thing. In some cases you will find men that are more sexually active than women. It all depends on the individual. For me, I can't really say which of them is more sexually active.

Kayode Patience
The two parties enjoy it equally but men have 90 per cent chance because most women don't reach orgasm.

Kola (Money)
Women enjoy it more. When Adam was created, he was just there enjoying the blessings of God and his communion with Him, until Eve was created. She was the one that called Adam and told him that the fruit they were asked not to eat was the greatest. She convinced Adam and they had sex. So, I know that the women enjoy it more.

Shola Salako
Women enjoy it more. It is not an issue to dispute. I have reasons but I don't know how to express it. But come rain, come sunshine, to me, women do.

Joseph Toyon
The men do. That is why when a man feels like having sex, he calls for a woman.

Chika Mba
I don't know who enjoys more but as a woman, I know that I enjoy sex and no man can enjoy it more no matter his strength and desire. One thing I know is that I cannot go into that with someone I don't have feelings for. As long as I have feelings for the man, I can beat him to it.

Ikechukwu Okoro
I can't really tell who enjoys it more than the other but I know that I enjoy it each time I am having it.

Taiwo Tope
Both enjoy it as long as they are in love. When you have feelings for someone, there is a magnet that attracts you to the person and that makes you to enjoy sex when you are on it.

John Okoro
Men in general have a higher sex drive and think about it more.

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