Touch Of Thoughts | 30 April 2011 03:51 CET

Have you ever doubted your husband’s love?

By Rachael Agunta, Eunice kalu and Sophia Nwagwu

The bedrock of a lasting relationship is trust. When spouses trust themselves, they would hardly be separated because they believe whatever they tell each other. That is for some, but to others, there is no element of trust. There is doubt as to whether there is love as a result of one's attitude to the other. we went to town to ask people if they have ever doubted their spouses' love. They responded as follows:

Olajumoke Itebe
I have never and I pray not to because we understand each other. Moreover, he performs his duties as a husband and does not neglect his responsibilities. What else should I want from him? A man can be doubted if he does not take care of his family when he has the resources to do so.

Lizzy Otton
I have not for once doubted his love for me because he is a God-fearing man. He has never given me room to suspect him. He is always at home whenever he should. He does the things he should at all times. Most importantly, he meets up with his responsibilities.

Oby Ukeoma
I don't have a man yet. So, I have never doubted anyone's love. I am not married and I am not into any relationship. It is against my faith to date a man before marriage. That notwitstanding, I pray not to have any reason to doubt my spouse's love when it eventually happens.

Chinyere Nnadi
No, I have not doubted him for once. He is my husband and I know the man I married. I trust him and he trusts me as well. We know our do's and don't's, honour and respect each other. I am glad I have him.

Chinyere Uzoechi
We are truthful to each other. He has never told me something and I found it to be a lie. When a man is cheating on the wife, he starts telling little lies, keeping late. In fact, there would be a change of attitude in him. I don't have any reason to doubt him.

Yes, there are times you notice some things that make you suspect that maybe he is having an affair. The first time I saw something like that was when I was trying to use my spouse's phone to make a call, then his phone rang. I picked it and the lady said hello. Then I kept quite to hear what the lady would say. So, the lady called again and I didn't pick it anymore. What I did was to delete the lady's number and cleared the received call because I don't want my spouse to call the lady again. After that incident, I never confronted my spouse about it. There was a particular number that whenever it calls him, he runs outside to pick it. He apologized anyway, but I actually felt bad.

Ngozi Adiele
I am among the few fortunate ones. I have never doubted my spouse, because I even think he is not accountable to me. Whether I am there or not, he is accountable to God. If he is a man of God as he claims to be, he should keep his vow.

Peace Eli
Not at all and have not any cause to.

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