Behind the scene | 19 April 2011 06:42 CET


By Bola Dauda

Emerging shapely actress, cum songstress, Anita Joseph, has screamed out loud at how she has been impersonated by scammers through her facebook identity.

The Anambra state born actress who has been away in south Africa for the better part of last year and only just returned to Nigeria last month, had to create the awareness of how her identity was hacked, after she met with a female fan who contacted her on phone and insisted she had been chatting with her for a while.

The female fan even presented a London phone number, which she claimed Anita had given her to use to call her while she was in London. When the phony number was called, it was picked by a man, who is obviously a fraudster. According to Anita “I got a phone call from a female fan who told me she got my phone number from a costumiers' phone. She claimed I had given her a London phone number and on trying the number, it was discovered to be a fake customized number, which is used by fraudsters'. To the best of my knowledge, the guy had not succeeded in collecting anything from the fan, but I'm crying out so my fans would be aware and be more careful so as to avoid becoming victims”. The facebook identity, which is used for the fraud, has my name and the user has fifty friends on the profile.

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