Nollywood Glamour | 10 April 2011 22:26 CET

Real Help For ‘Big Tummy’ Ladies!

By Christie Olusayo


What could be more annoying than trying on a million different clothes only to realize that the problem is not the clothes, but your bulging tummy? It can be very hard to find clothes that hide your tummy while at the same time making you look good and fashionable too.

You're not alone. Many ladies world-over have the same challenge; especially plus-sized women, and those who have experienced child birth. So, don't give up in your quest to look fab, simply follow these easy steps and you will achieve fabulous looks all the time. Let's hold hands now and go through the steps together. Ready?

Wear banded tops. These are tops or shirts that have bands at the hemline and are very great for covering a tummy bulge.

Wrap dresses and wrap shirts are excellent for hiding your tummy. Make sure you choose them in colorful patterned styles since the eye will be drawn away from your bulge.

Button-down fitted shirts that allow extra fabric near the stomach are great for concealing the tummy too.

Choose an empire waist top Some women will say these tops make them look like they're expecting a baby, but it helps hide the tummy.

A shape wear and tummy girdle is another great way to help hide your trouble spots, although they can be a little uncomfortable to wear at times. So, stick to them only when needed!

Stick to your size and your body structure. You don't have to wear something that is too small and too tight, because it will only accentuate your tummy and wearing something that is too large for you will make it obvious that you're trying to hide something. Instead, stick to a happy medium: I mean your true size!

As much as possible, avoid tight, stretchy fabrics that will only accentuate your tummy. Instead, go for more free-flowing fabrics such as cotton which will not cling to your body.

Never tuck your shirt in! Tucking your shirt in is a major no-no! Let the shirt flow over your trousers, which will hide your tummy. If your shirt is too long (too big), then it's just not a good fit for you.

Don't cover up in a big jacket… it will only make you look bigger! Instead, try a fitted jacket that helps you cover extra weight.
In all, healthy diet and regular exercise will help bring down the tummy.

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