Radio N Tv | 31 March 2011 06:34 CET



The latest gist in town is about the sudden death of Chidinma Mbalaso of the Koko Mansion fame; a reality show organized by Music Icon, Dbanj in 2009. The 22 year old University of Abuja undergraduate was the 2nd runner up at the maiden edition of this show. She registered her presence at the show with her stunning and beautiful looks.

When the news of her death broke in the early hours of Friday, March 25th 2011, it came as a big shock to most people and the question on the lips of many was, "how did this young, vibrant and sweet looking lady die?"

Chidinma was involved in a ghastly motor accident the previous day in Kaduna. She was on her way back to Abuja from Kaduna, where she had gone to pick up her car. This was her first car which she bought for herself. She was driving back to Abuja when a motorcycle ran into her path. While trying to avoid the motorcyclist, she lost control of †he steering. She sustained serious injuries from the accident and lost a lot of blood in the process. She was also bleeding internally and was in great need of a blood transfusion but unfortunately, †he hospital did not have a blood bank.

She was in coma for hours, as friends and family members ran helter-skelter trying to get her blood donors. From midnight of thursday to friday morning,several messages were spreading, urging anyone with contacts in Kaduna with a blood group B or O to rise up and convince them to donate blood for the young lady.

Unfortunately, Chidinma who was hospitalised at St Gerald's hospital, Kaduna finally gave up the ghost even before she got help.

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