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kufre – Abasi Moses Eskor popularly called prophet Joe over is a film director (DGN),also the president of Akwa- Cross Indigenous Movies Maker Association (ACIMA) . He became the substantive president of the association in 2010.

Below are the manifesto he made before he was sworn in.

1 Every actor, producer, director, other technical crew members must always go home with a smile on his/her face after a production and with assurance of more jobs and guaranteed future.

2 The association shall be inculcate the culture of discipline and true professionalism in the industry with the fear of God as the bedrock .

Perhaps these are mere promises made to secure the mantle of the presidency

In less than five months, young girl s are been sexually abused as a precondition for elusive role in major films, even then the poor victims are always under piad.

Should our young girls be abused on the pretext of been groomed to be Nollywood stars woukd be disastrous for the nations how our girl will continue to suffer in the hands of the so called director, producers, production manager in the industry?

What about the promises Mr Eskor made to protect the interest of the artists, also to protect their welfare,and inculcate discipline and professionalism in the industry with the fear of God?

Paltry sums of N500 or N1500 will not take care of the basic needs of apirant actors and actresses; somebody must act fast to save the gullible victims.

Niooo for eihgt days work is modern slavery; work without welfare is worst than talent exploitation and social injustice in a country supposedly signitory to WLO articles of labour comensurate reward.

We shall no more work without a welfare. artists shall no more sleep outside the hotel premises, and be embarrass ed by hotel management, as we are touts. Artists shall no more sleep with film director for the sake of been featured in film!

Is these what Mr Eskor refer, when he said every actors and technical crews will be smile at every production, and be assure of more

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