General News | 10 June 2024 16:24 CET

Layi Wasabi Opens Up On Not Believing In Girlfriend 

By Oluwarantimi Oludase 

Popular Nigerian content creator, comedian and winner of the 10th Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards Best Online Content Creator, Isaac Olayiwola, best known as Layi Wasabi, has recently spoken on his perception of the popular Nigerian relationship term “girlfriend."

Layi Wasabi stated that his perception of the word “girlfriend” is that he does not really like it and he prefers" partnership." The skitmaker made this known on the ‘Is This Seat Taken?’ podcast hosted by actress Chinasa Anukam.

Layi, who is mostly referred to as an “intelligent” due to his style, believes that when he wants to go into a relationship with anyone, he doesn’t see it as just" dating” but prefers to think of it as someone he could end up marrying.

He further stated that he has been on date four times and what he looks out for in a partner and what gets his attention easily is " a tall woman.”

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